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CT3 Solves the Check-Box Mentality

CT3 is the smart choice for teams who want to get serious about DEI training. Too many tools want to rush participants along like it’s a numbers game. We see it differently.

Real change doesn’t happen at the click of a button. CT3 focuses on deliberate action and deep reflection to transform participants' behaviors for long-term growth.

CT3 teaches helpful methods to resolve conflicts and mediate workplace concerns such as:

Cultural misconceptions

Inappropriate behavior

Interpersonal conflicts

Bias, prejudice, and racism

Hostile work environments

Upon graduation from the CT3 program, teams can expect to feel:

With CT3, you’ll see improved productivity and higher workplace satisfaction. Take the first step for your team.

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How CT3 Came To Be

Many DEI programs have the same issue: they don’t address the root of bias, racism, and prejudice. Without this critical step, true change is impossible. CT3’s founder, Dr. John Sherman spent years researching studies around DEI training. From this, three impactful theories stood out:

Contact Theory: positive relations happen when there’s understanding and cooperation

Anti-Bias Theory: deep-seated biases can be unlearned with education

Change Theory: how people interact with each other impacts their perspectives

These guiding principles, along with inspiration from the Subconscious Bias Project, brought CT3 to life.

About Dr. John Sherman

Dr. John Sherman is a physician, author, entrepreneur, and founder of Humanity Bridge Partners and Communication Kinetics Corporation. He holds several domestic and international utility patents on technology.

Dedicated to equality, Dr. Sherman is on a mission to redefine workplace dynamics. An accomplished entrepreneur with utility patents to his name, his commitment transcends mere professionalism. Dr. Sherman's visionary approach is not just about work; it's a profound commitment to building workplaces that embody equality and innovation.

Prior to his life’s work on social issues, Dr. Sherman received his undergraduate degree from the University of Cincinnati and his medical degree from Wright State University School of Medicine.

He and his wife Mojgan live in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia with their two daughters.

CT3's Valued Partners

Humanity Bridge Partners

Humanity Bridge Partners is a 501c3 nonprofit focused on an innovative youth educational platform teaching cultural and racial diversity coexistence. We are uniquely the only program in the world on this subject using the cutting-edge technology of life-size holograms.

Learn more at www.humanitybridgepartners.org

Communication Kinetics Corporation

Communication Kinetics is a multifaceted world-leading organization diversified in mixed reality applications, associated intellectual property creation, life-size holographic imagery, developer of educational and public presentation platforms, industry and institutional client experience management services.


Ardes specializes in augmented reality data entry systems for the construction, healthcare, and aviation industries. We create bio-interfaced applications that enhance human capacity for the speed and efficiency of today's cutting-edge technology.

Learn more at

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